bmobile aids in future development of sound engineers

Port of Spain, Trinidad, May 8, 2017
Students from the National Energy Skills Center (NESC) Military-led Youth Programme of Apprenticeship and Reorientation Training (MYPART) were given an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the 2017 Decibel Entertainment Festival site at Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s, courtesy sponsors bmobile Foundation.
The premier three-day film, music, fashion and dance festival, in its fourth year, opened its gates on Friday May 5th and concluded on Sunday May 7th. As is customary every year, advocates bmobile welcomed the group of young entertainment enthusiasts to the site, in an effort to boost their range of knowledge on some of the work that must be undertaken prior to the staging of major events.
TSTT’s Vice President Marketing, Camille Campbell, expressed pleasure towards this venture since it provided students with a prime opportunity to observe and ask questions on matters surrounding their academic and occupational futures.
“Increasing their knowledge with a hands-on approach will help these young men broaden their horizons,” Campbell stated. “This mini-tour was conducted to assist and aid in their development which goes hand-in-hand with their school curriculum. Education is an integral part of the bmobile Foundation and we have a long history of making very meaningful differences in the lives of our future leaders. bmobile also presented each student and tutor with a complimentary three-day pass so that they could come experience the Decibel Festival up close and personal.”
The students, who are currently pursuing studies in sound recording and music production at the Point Lisas campus, were given a first-hand journey of bmobile’s very own ‘Zombie Island’ set by renowned Artistic Director, Scot Sardinha. Throughout the walkabout, Sardinha explained in detail the significance of establishing a captivating display through sight and crucially, sound.
“Your set must be what you want it to be,” he said. “It must grab the attention of patrons at all levels. At bmobile’s ‘Zombie Island’ and ‘Escape Room’, the incorporation of sound is pivotal towards assuring success. There’ll be a lot of grunting, groaning, screaming and other elements to ensure it’s as real as possible. As students in this genre, you must understand that even if you cover your eyes at the movies, it is the sound of what is happening which controls your final feeling. I know many of you all are exploring sound as a career and I ask that you keep working and never give up.” Sardinha, who has worked alongside Hollywood superstar Will Smith among others, was happy to play host to the receptive bunch. Twenty-one-year-old sound recording student and Corporal at the MYPART Programme, Kareem Alexander, was delighted to have been presented with such a golden opportunity to view the site beforehand.
“This is a great experience for me because I’m heavily involved in singing and music as a whole. I never got a chance, until today, to see how studios work behind the scenes. I have a deep interest in sound and am going to further my studies from here. An inside tour like this will help my entire class have a better understanding of what we’re currently doing in school. As the only Corporal in this class, we say thank you to bmobile for this experience today.”
NESC MYPART tutor, Christopher Morris, also mentioned that outings such as these expose his students to the reality of what they’re learning. “Observing how shows are produced is pivotal for their foundation. I appreciate the advice given to them by Scot and the sound engineer Nigel Brizan. It’s not just about a skill but it’s about remaining positive and believing in how far they can reach in life,” stated Morris.
From Friday 5th, Queen’s Hall came alive with three action-packed nights of both local and international creative arts. This year’s edition featured a heavy cast of global film, music and dance stars such as WWE superstar, Nikki Bella; Supergirl Series actor Jeremy Jordan; The Hunger Games actress Willow Shields and dance choreographer Chris Scott and mega surprise appearance from Hollywood superstar, Will Smith.
Performances kept the vibe pumping with a range from Kes The Band, DJ Clinton Sparks, 1st Klase, Mark Hardy, Yung Rudd, Jimmy October, Stef Kalloo, Inzey and Jay Nahge. Hosting the three nights of non-stop action was local radio personality Jason Williams and Patrick ‘Hypeman’ Anthony.


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