bmobile and Bravo conclude 2017 Divali Nagar celebrations

Port of Spain, Trinidad, October 19, 2017


The presence of bmobile’s Brand Ambassador, Dwayne Bravo, mingling and interacting with hundreds of visitors at the Divali Nagar on the final night (Tuesday 17 October) of this year’s celebrations brought an exciting end to the auspicious nine-day recognition.

The world-renowned Trinbago Knight Riders captain, alongside local radio personality, Lurbz, created a festive atmosphere at bmobile’s specially designed booth, which was beautified in accordance with their theme – ‘The Light in your Life’ – and the Nagar’s own theme for 2017 – ‘Hindu Symbolism’.

With the historic site abuzz with activity courtesy the National Council of Indian Culture of Trinidad and Tobago (NCIC), partnered with scores of other stakeholders, President of TSTT’s Indian Cultural Association, Mahadaye Ramlagan, brought greetings on behalf of the telecommunications company during the closing ceremony.

While highlighting Trinidad and Tobago’s diverse cultural fabric, Ramlagan paid an exclusive tribute to the Nagar’s 31 years of existence and drew reference to the successes of both institutions (TSTT and NCIC) over the years.

“The triumph of good over evil and light over darkness is a message that is relevant and applicable across the board,” she explained. “Cognizant of the theme, we at bmobile mindfully incorporated symbols in our booth design and overall Divali Nagar patron experience. Additionally, in our day-to-day business of helping the entire country to communicate, technology has become a symbol that allows people to connect with who matters most. On behalf of bmobile, I wish you a safe and light-filled Divali 2017 celebration.”

At the booth, visitors attired in rich multi-coloured traditional Indian garments capitalised on the some of the latest communication technologies. Seasoned and new customers alike were privy to accessing all of bmobile’s mobile, entertainment, broadband, fibre, landline and security services. Also on offer was the Company’s unbeatable 4G LTE wireless plans.

Bravo had his hands full as he engaged crowds of patrons in several fun games and activities. Internationally famed for his hit songs ‘Champion’ and ‘Chalo Chalo’, the all-rounder hosted an animated mini-dance competition which saw nine-year-old Ashton Basdeo and 10-year-old Candiyah Joseph hold off three other contestants to tie for first place. They both earned personalised signature bats from ‘DJ’ Bravo. Spectators also threw bean bags into slots for the chance to win a variety of bmobile merchandise.  At the end of the night, three lucky customers also walked away with one Huawei tablet each.

“It’s always a good vibe at the Nagar for me during Divali time,” said Bravo after hosting the dance-off. “It’s an honour to be here with bmobile again, especially after Brian Lara passed through on their behalf last night (Monday 16). My two biggest fan bases are in India and obviously at home in T&T, so Divali plays a big part to my supporters. I strongly believe in respecting everyone’s culture and religion and I feel really good coming out and meeting my fans during this special time. Happy Divali to the entire nation.”

Meanwhile, Jameer Mohammed from Arouca, who purchased a Huawei Y3 Lite handset, expressed his elation with bmobile’s convenience at the Nagar and was pleased to take advantage of their low prices and big offers.

“The affordability is what urged me into purchasing this handset. I got an unlimited data package with my buy, which makes me also worthy of benefitting from $400.00 of credit. This will help me connect with my friends and family who live abroad,” he said.

Another happy customer, Ravi Ramdeen of Chaguanas, signed up for a 4Mbps wireless internet package. And even though he only visited the Nagar on Tuesday to experience the excitement and fireworks of the final night, Ramdeen felt intrigued when he stepped into bmobile’s booth.

“I’m glad that I took this internet package because my kids need it for their school work. I also do a lot of research online and this package is fitting for me. I honestly didn’t come to the Divali Nagar to shop tonight but I listened to what they (bmobile) had to offer and it sounded very reasonable for my pocket, And with Dwayne Bravo here, it really was an unforgettable experience,” Ramdeen stated.

Also present to perform on NCIC’s programme of events on the final night were Central Rhythm Tassa Group, Yogi Bridgelal (mandolin), Taradath Sawh (drumology segment), Prema Shakti Dance Group, Santa Rosa First Peoples, Khainayak Dance Academy, KI and The Band (featuring Neval Chaitlal, Savita Singh, KI Persad and Nishard Mayrhoo, Nithya (featuring Nirmala Sesnarayan and an appearance by the 2017 NCIC Divali Nagar Queen, Seema Moonilal, who won the Pageant Show on Monday night.

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