bmobile brings ‘The Light in your Life’ to 2017 Divali Nagar festivities

Port of Spain, Trinidad, October 11, 2017


The National Council of Indian Culture (NCIC) officially unveiled its 2017 celebrations at the Divali Nagar site in Chaguanas, on Monday 9 October, with bmobile on board once again as one of its key sponsors.

This year’s theme—‘Hindu Symbolism’—is exquisitely portrayed throughout the venue, with kaleidoscopic images of traditional emblems adorning the expanse of the Nagar. Symbols such as the Om or Aum (universal name of God), lotus flowers and deyas, structural dome designs and the brightly-coloured array of Hindu gods and goddesses illuminate the venue, contributing to a truly rich cultural experience.

Speaking on bmobile’s involvement at the Nagar, TSTT’s Vice President of Marketing, Camille Campbell, endorsed the NCIC for again hosting one of this nation’s most visited religious exhibitions.

“bmobile recognises the significance of the occasion and is a proud participant in the celebration…bringing nothing but delightful experiences and positive energy to the Divali Nagar event. It is evident that our multiculturalism bears no boundaries. As the only truly local communications solution provider, we will continue to be that connecting force that unites us as a people,” stated Campbell.

At the bmobile booth, products and services will be available throughout the Nagar’s nine-day duration. This also includes the ability to download bmobile’s new Directory App – Find Yello, and to sign up for bmobile’s supersonic 4G LTE wireless plans. bmobile remains Trinidad and Tobago’s exclusive provider of 4G LTE (mobile and residential).  For the duration of the exhibition, bmobile will also play host to exciting games and nightly giveaways for visitors, as part of its continued sponsorship of the annual celebration.

bmobile’s booth is among those creatively capturing the essence of this year’s cultural celebration. Several traditional Hindu symbols, each with their own cultural significance and positive representation, are artistically incorporated into the booth’s design.  The vibrant signage also features a special theme —‘The Light in your Life’— which focuses on the central message of the triumph of Light over Darkness, but also underscores the Company’s commitment to delivering communications solutions aimed at enlightening customers and truly brightening their experiences.

16-year-old Joel Vijay was one of the loyal customers who visited the bmobile booth on opening night. After purchasing a $100 top-up for his mobile, Vijay shared that he was especially pleased to have his long-time network close-by during his educational visit to the historic location.

“I topped up my phone so I could stay in contact with my peeps,” he said jokingly. “I’ve always been a customer since I got a mobile device some years ago and I love the service. bmobile’s data plans work so much better than the competition so I’m happy. Also, being able to comfortably top-up at the Nagar is very convenient for me as well.”

NCIC President, Deokinanan Sharma, hailed bmobile for its commitment towards ensuring the success of the Divali Nagar each year. In his address to the thousands present, Sharma expressed gratitude towards bmobile and other major sponsors of the 2017 festivities. He also reflected on the importance of this year’s celebration and the overall theme.

“It is our intention to enlighten the public on Hindu culture, traditions, beliefs and practices. Symbolism has therefore been developed to overcome difficulties and give opportunities to the common man to interpret these teachings. Symbolism is the safest and most effective way of enhancing the truth, because it can be appreciated and enjoyed by the truly deserving devotees, helping uphold his/her light and vision,” he explained.

The night’s programme was chaired by NCIC’s Public Relations Officer, Surujdeo Mangaroo, who also brought opening remarks on behalf of the Divali Nagar committee and lit one of the symbolic deyas. Paramacharya Pt. Hardeo Persad (Spiritual Head at SWAHA International) delivered the feature address, while greetings were brought on behalf of the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts via Dr. the Honourable Nyan Gadsby-Dolly, and by First Citizens Group Chief Executive Officer, Karen Darbasie.

Song and dance items included performances by the Suchit Trace Hindu School choir, Trinidad and Tobago Sweet Tassa Academy and the Khalnayak Dance Academy.

bmobile’s booth closes at 10:00 pm on each night of the Divali Nagar celebration, which culminates on October 17.

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