bmobile sponsors students at Leadership Roundtable for Future Leaders

Port of Spain, Trinidad, October 6, 2017


“Pursue your dreams and passion and everything else will fall in place.  Remember the world spins at different rates for different people.  Don’t get distracted.  You will meet challenges and obstacles but once you are passionate, you will find your way.” This was the pivotal message from Mr. Robert Wickham, Vice President of Innovation and Digital Transformation at, Asia Pacific Region, as the feature speaker at the ‘Private Leadership Roundtable for Future Leaders’—a one-hour leadership session for 32 handpicked Upper Six students from schools across the country—held recently at the Conference Room of Republic Bank, Park Street.

The Roundtable Session formed part of ‘Soar Above The Recession:  A Business Leaders Conference’, which was held at the Hyatt Regency, Port of Spain, and hosted by Imagine Media International Limited.

Imagine Media CEO, Lisa Wickham encouraged the bright youngsters to take full advantage of the intimate session with the Fatima College Alumnus.  “I wanted the sharpest minds to be here because we want to plant the seeds in fertile minds who can go on and take their place in the world.  So please ask questions and learn from Robert.”

The questions asked were both diverse and insightful. These included: what characteristics a person should have to start a business and to become successful; how to manage failure; how to stay humble in times of success; how to be innovative; and how to remain marketable.  Mr. Wickham, who is also the recipient of the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology Bronze Beaver Award bestowed on alumni for distinguished service to the institute or its Association of Alumni, began by stating, “I had 2 main goals in life: To win a national scholarship and to play on the Trinidad and Tobago national cricket team.  Everything else was a distraction.”  He then answered the questions by sharing his life journey from high school to present, and the challenges he overcame to achieve his personal and career successes.  He also told the students to seek out positive people, quiet the negative voices in their lives and be a leader among their peers to encourage positive behaviors from them as well.

Camille Campbell, TSTT’s Vice President Marketing, said the Company was grateful for the opportunity to sponsor 5 of the students who participated in the leadership session, because an investment in the nation’s youth is an investment for a sustainable future. “Research has shown that provided with the right guidance to augment their passion and interests, a country’s youth are an important source for solving problems, creating jobs, and leading change.  I am happy that they left with their passions ignited and ready to pursue their dreams.”

Based on the feedback from the bmobile-sponsored students, the session was definitely a stimulating one, and their passions were indeed ignited.  Brandon Koo, a student at St. Joseph’s Convent, Port of Spain, said, “I can’t put a value to this amazing session and the reservoir of information and life experiences that we gained today.  I can see that Mr. Wickham lived a life that is no different from ours but he applied himself. His humility made me realize that his successes are also attainable for me once I work hard at my goals.”  Brittney Canning from Bishop Anstey High School stated, “Today helped me understand my worth and that I can accomplish any goal that I set for myself.”

Tamia-Ashley Tuitt from Holy Name Convent, Port of Spain added, “I liked that the setting was informal so I felt confident enough to express myself.  What stood out the most for me was the advice to be humble in moments of success.  I also liked that Mr. Wickham spoke about his experience in sports and balancing this with academics.  I really related to this and I could see myself following in his footsteps so I was very glad I came.”

Sarah Ayesha Mohammed from St. Augustine Girls’ High School shared that she now felt a sense of relief.  “My passion is the culinary arts and there is a risk in choosing this as my career.  Today I got the answer that I needed for a really long time, and I am more determined to be successful in this field.”

Lisa Wickham thanked the students for attending, and bmobile for its support saying, “I’m always pleased that bmobile supports projects like these which positively impact the lives of young people.”

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