bmobile staff shows love for Dominica through hurricane relief

Port of Spain, Trinidad, October 25, 2017


bmobile’s management and staff showed their love for the citizens of Dominica by donating hampers and large bags packed full of baby supplies, toiletries and other personal items to the Foundation for the Enhancement and Enrichment of Life (FEEL).  The donated items will be used to assist Dominica, one of the islands most devastated by Hurricane Maria, and were handed over by TSTT’s Vice President Marketing, Camille Campbell to Elena Villafana-Sylvester, FEEL’s Chief Executive Officer on October 20th at the FEEL’s Laventille compound.  “I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to the bmobile management and staff for this very generous contribution.  I was blown away by the number of hampers and bags we received from bmobile.  It’s fantastic to witness this level of generosity.  This will be an enormous help.  We at FEEL truly appreciate this support and I know that I can speak on behalf of the citizens in Dominica who will be truly appreciative as well.” said Villafana-Sylvester.

Campbell commended the bmobile staff whose response was overwhelming, with many coming forward immediately with donations of either hampers or money to assist with the purchase of the requested items.  “It is important for Trinidad and Tobago to assist our CARICOM neighbours, especially during difficult times like this.  The management and staff at bmobile are especially happy to be a part of this Dominica relief drive because it is a unique opportunity for our staff to assist in ways that are often overlooked.”

Villafana-Sylvester explained that the disaster relief personnel in Dominica indicated the containers they receive do not always contain the full array of things needed.  There is a heavy demand for baby supplies, toiletries and other personal items and these things were specifically requested.  “So we asked bmobile for the donation of hampers which will have the range of toiletries and other items that a family needs.  Getting pre-packaged hampers like these also saves time in sorting and distribution because they can be given to families straight out of the shipping container.  This helps the families in Dominica receive the things they desperately need much faster.”

bmobile’s management and staff responded warmly to the request for 2 types of pre-packaged hampers: comfort hampers and baby hampers.  The comfort hampers included disposable razors, deodorants, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, lotions, powder, sanitary napkins and towels.  The baby hampers included disposable diapers, cloth diapers and pins, baby powder, Vaseline, baby wipes, bottled food, biscuits, electrolytes, pacifiers and toys.

Marsha James-Neemar is a Customer Service Representative at the bmobile retail store on St James Street, San Fernando.  She coordinated the donation effort at her office, collected the money from those who made financial donations, bought the requested items and helped to package the comfort and baby hampers.  “I’m so glad that our company stepped up to do this and I’m proud of our staff and our company.  The 1st employee who brought in items has very close friends in Dominica.  He really wanted to help and donated a lot of items but the overall response from the staff was really good.”

James-Neemar continued, “I kept imagining myself in the situation in Dominica so I took my time to shop for the items and to package them.  I wanted to ensure the packages were what they needed and that they were attractively done so the citizens of Dominica will know that we are thinking of them and care about them.  This was a natural disaster that could happen to any country.  I would like to know that another country will also help us if we were in that situation.”  James-Neemar also said that as a woman, wife and mother, the relief effort tugged at her heart and it was a comfort to know that the women in Dominica are now getting the toiletries and personal items that they and their families need.




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