GEW introduces students to entrepreneurship

Port of Spain, Trinidad, November 21, 2016

“Entrepreneurs are not Employees in their own psychology. They are game changers.” – TSTT Chief Technology and Information Officer, Roger Richards.

Richards was the feature speaker at the opening seminar of this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) – Technology Forum, which was held recently at the San Fernando Regional Corporation Auditorium. Richards was joined by several other highly successful businessmen who also addressed the audience, which included scores of Secondary School students.

Youthful enthusiasts hailing from ASJA Girls’ and Boys’, Holy Faith Convent (Penal) and Naparima College were specially provided with an in-depth business-oriented seminar which entailed some of the latest technological strategies used by today’s successful entrepreneurs, all geared at guiding the students in becoming young entrepreneurs.

Topping the list of these innovative marketing strategies was none other than social media – the newest and easiest gateway to the business world. As a preview though, featured speaker Richards used his personal experience to emphasise that young people can start demonstrating an entrepreneurial spirit at an early age. He related the story of a doll making ‘business’ he started when he was just seven years old that was very popular and successful.

“You have to understand your market and your audience,” he said. “There wasn’t money to buy toys back then. Girls wanted dolls, I wanted money and so, I sold dolls. I could not make enough of them. I sold to the entire community. This was my beginning as a young entrepreneur. It begins with an idea. There is no one right answer to be an entrepreneur. It’s what drives you. If you do something you really like, you’ll never work a day in your life. Find your passion.”

Richards used the largest local communications brand, TSTT who was also a gold sponsor as a prime example.

“Ask yourself what technologies are available to your business. Internet, websites and computers in this age are crucial. Applications and quality software are now pivotal. Social media provides a platform that was never available to businesses many years ago. I urge you to capitalise on these opportunities and master them. They will carry your business to where you want it to go. TSTT is a perfect example and the leading provider of these enabling capabilities,” he added.

Also sharing similar sentiments were Youth Business Trinidad and Tobago (YBTT) Project Co-ordinator, Sandrine Rattan, and former ‘Naps’ man Christian Benjamin, Information Technology Support at BESTin Technologies. Together, the pair, alongside YBTT graduates and businessmen Gerard Thomas (RockIt) and YBTT general manager Shedron Collins delved deeper into their journeys as blooming businessmen to the attentive audience. Students were also privy to technological assistance in business via YBTT success stories Keagan Lewis, Zarah Gibbons and Deidre Lee Kim.

Speaking on behalf of YBTT and on the importance of the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Week, Rattan was pleased to be a part of this celebration.
“We want to change the mindsets of these students,” she explained. “Young people were wired to go to school and just get a job. Particularly with the unemployment statistics that are rising, we need more entrepreneurs. They must think entrepreneurial. YBTT is reaching out to all youths to turn away from becoming robots of a system. Becoming your own boss is what we inspire to do. Become your own success story. We commend TSTT for understanding this vision and for their commitment to helping us share the knowledge with these impressionable minds.”

The attentive audience also benefitted from an interactive workshop segment hosted by Thomas, who wowed the youthful bunch with some of the globe’s coming technological advancements in business. From phones that scan fruit to test its freshness to artificial self-healing skin, the students were captivated by these developments although still in their primary stages.

According to Benjamin, “There is no better time to become an entrepreneur. Start now. Don’t wait on the world. This time is your time. Become an entrepreneur and be who you want to be.”

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