Staff Updates

Management Forum

On Thursday 26th July a management forum was held at the Hilton Trinidad and Conference Centre. This forum is an initiative of the Corporate Leadership Team’s to engage with management on relevant topics about the business. Several topics were discussed including Vacation Leave, Total Rewards, Succession Planning and our Medical Plan.

With regards to Vacation Leave, research has shown that the benefits associated with taking vacation leave are multifold – for both the employee and the organization. Time away from the office increases productivity, boosts creativity, improves relationships and provides new perspective. Recharging is extremely important, yet, TSTT employees have collectively accrued over 84,000 vacation leave days. This figure is not only alarming but it contributes to TSTT’s high employee cost.

More information about changes to the medical plan as well as the importance of reducing the vacation leave liability will be shared with all staff in the coming weeks.

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