Master Kite Maker, Alexander Ramoutar, eyes this year’s top prize

After capturing the 90.5 Annual Easter Kite Flying Event’s top prize in 2017, Alexander Ramoutar, was unable to defend his coveted title at the 2018 edition due to a medical emergency. He was devastated.

One year later, Ramoutar eagerly anticipates his long-awaited return to the aeronautic circuit and has sent an early warning to fellow contenders of the 90.5 category. The avid kite-maker began construction of his special design over two months ago and is expected to complete his showpiece this week.

A highly confident Ramoutar revealed, “Because it’s their 20th Anniversary and I was unable to compete last year, I’m going all out this time with my ‘Mad Bull’. I’m going to do something never before seen on a kite. I’m certain to place either first or second with these new developments on my kite this year.’

The 28-year old has also registered his aunt, Marilyn Tambie, and cousin, Justin Tambie, to participate in different competitive divisions. Last year, even though he was too distraught to compete, he still managed to skilfully build a kite for his aunt which eventually won the ‘Most Colourful’ prize.

Ramoutar’s involvement in kite-making started out alongside his famed uncle dubbed, ‘The Kite Man from Marabella’. After attending the 90.5 Event with his uncle many years ago, his interest in the art-form grew significantly. Following his first few visits to the 90.5 competition, Ramuotar explained, “I was impressed by the level of seriousness participants held towards their design, aerodynamics and creativity and I decided to start to make my own.”

He also credited the unity and camaraderie shared among participants of the competition and invited other members of the public to come out on April 20th for a day of Easter family fun.

“It’s an event that stands out and is family oriented. Competitions like these keep the traditional art of kite-flying alive in Trinidad and Tobago.”

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