Meet Nigel Hosein – Kite Making Extraordinaire

Having placed second in the premier division of the 90.5 Annual Easter Kite Flying Event last year, Nigel Hosein, will be adding some unique additions and upgrades to his ‘Mad Bull’ kite in an effort to clinch the 2019 top prize.

The forty-three year old is a seasoned participant at the yearly competition and is gearing up for an exciting tourney on April 20 at the Queen’s Park Savannah.

“As a boy growing up in Gasparillo, I used to make kites for fun because I loved to see them high up in the air. They were so good that kids in the neighbourhood then began buying kites from me,” he said.

“At my first 90.5 Kite Flying Event many years ago, I was surprised to see the many different types and designs of kites. I had no idea that the creativity of Trinbagonians was so extensive in kite-making.”

This year, Hosein has ensured that the traditional recreational past-time of kite-flying is not lost and has included his two sons, Naeem (10 years) and Junaid (6 years), and niece, Thalia (12 years), in other categories.

Although his ‘Mad Bull’ is still incomplete, Hosein has already built the kite’s large frame and installed a ‘special’ fabric. The experienced aeronautics builder has already invested over $1,000 on his masterpiece.

“This event is really one of clean, family fun. I urge families to visit and have some outdoor fun with their kids. We have to get kids nowadays more aware of these types of activities instead of them just sitting at home in front of the television or computer screen,” he added.

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