Shup Hub transforms the Caribbean shopping experience

Roanna Maraj is the Managing Director of Shup Hub; a local ecommerce platform designed to revolutionize the way customers in the Caribbean ‘shup’. Shup Hub  is one of three finalists for the Business Technology Award, sponsored by bmobile, at this year’s Champions of Business. Keep reading to find out more about this game-changing platform.


When was Shup Hub launched?

I founded Shup Hub in August 2016. At that time, there was no portal available for local vendors to distribute their goods and services online and I wanted to change that.

Tell us a bit about the service… is an ecommerce platform that empowers local and regional vendors to register and sell their products and services online within minutes. Retailers and wholesalers can offer a diverse range of products and services online including but not limited to clothing, shoes, electronics, household appliances, phone and computer accessories, furniture, car parts, carnival costumers and the list goes on and on.

Is ShupHub limited to Trinidad and Tobago?

At, we want to give customers the opportunity to shup online from vendors they know and love locally and regionally. Customers are now able to place their credit cards on a safe and secure website to make online purchases which is supported by our very own First Citizens Bank.

Customers can now safely purchase online and have their products delivered to their front door with our built in delivery service, through our partnership with the Universal Packaging Systems UPS.

Customers can now choose and compare products online; making an informed decision before they purchase products and services as well as giving shuppers further choice and convenience. Shupping has never been so easy!

How can vendors benefit from a platform like Shup Hub?

Our primary goal at ShupHub is to increase Vendors online and create public awareness. Vendors will also have an additional opportunity to increase their bottom line and access a wider market at a fraction of the cost and without having the overheads of a brick and mortar business.

Vendors who utilize our site benefit in multiple ways. They are able to:

  • Get funds transferred directly to their bank account;
  • Manage their own microsites;
  • Track and monitor sales;
  • Have access to a broader network of customers;
  • Benefit from a cost effective e-commerce platform;

This platform will allow vendors to market their products throughout the Caribbean, increasing their export capacity and earn foreign exchange. ShupHub will be operating under one common currency, that is USD$ allowing vendors to build their USD funds from customer payments online, alleviating any Forex concerns and increasing the Forex in-flow.

What’s the next step? is a fantastic, robust, customizable ecommerce platform. We look forward to building the brand further, so that it becomes a household name in Trinidad and Tobago and throughout the region. Our goal is to revolutionize the way customer’s shup locally and regionally giving vendors and customers more accessibility to the marketplace.


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