MX Prime Lights Up Soca Spree 2017

Port of Spain, Trinidad, February 15, 2017
If you were in Tobago for Soca Spree X11, I suppose you really couldn’t ask for a better Friday night. Thousands flocked to the Dwight Yorke Stadium to enjoy some of their favourite soca artistes, as well as some of the biggest names in the industry.
As one patron put it, with a huge grin on his face, “The line-up was simply irresistible”. Soca Spree X11 included performances such as MX Prime and the Ultimate Rejects, Destra Garcia, Swappi, Lyrikal, Patrice Roberts, Makamillion Family, Farmer Nappy and the King of Soca himself, the headliner for the past few years Machel Montano.
“Soca Spree is definitely one of our signature events that we partner on. There is always a high level of expectancy from the fans and they really come out in support of their favourite soca artiste or artistes. This show in particular almost acts like the start of carnival in Tobago,” said Onica Blackman, Enterprise Marketing and Communications Manager, TSTT, Tobago Operations.
Commenting on the bmobile carnival campaign, which entails bmobile endorsement of some of the top acts in the entertainment industry in Trinidad and Tobago, Blackman spoke about the Tobago aspect of the nationwide campaign. “This year, bmobile’s presence at Soca Spree did not only include its photo booth and trinkets to enhance the experience of the soca spree patron, such as the glow lights, cups and bandanas or even the bmobile hamper that was presented to Candace Nichols, winner of the bmobile Instagram challenge that night. This year the extra addition featured a special DJ booth, located very close to the main stage, highlighting and promoting two of Tobago’s top DJs, The Mighty Krush and DJ Red. It is another opportunity for them to gain recognition and exposure for their craft and to be respected as the top names in their industry,” said Blackman.
“We view bmobile as family. They have been with us from the first Soca Spree and have grown with us over the years,” said promoter Daryl Grant. When asked why bmobile has maintained this relationship, Grant added, “We believe that they view Soca Spree as a growing product that has been improving every year. Additionally, Soca Spree is not only a viable product for bmobile but an opportunity to allow them to contribute to the social and cultural landscape of Tobago, where thousands benefit simultaneously.”
The highly anticipated MX Prime did not disappoint and rendered a sterling performance for the Tobago audience, which certainly made up for the several years he has not performed on the island. “Things have changed along the way in terms of how we party in Tobago. Now crowds are much livelier and can rival any crowd in Trinidad. I thoroughly enjoyed myself,” said MX Prime. When questioned about his hiatus from the entertainment scene, Edghill ‘MX Prime’ Thomas responded, “Sometimes you have to separate yourself from people to find one’s self. If you around people all the time, you have too many distractions. By yourself you learn your flaws, what you’re good at, what to improve, how and what to adjust.” According to Thomas he was able to add new skills to his arsenal, including developing his skills as a music producer, which has resulted in him producing the music for his 2017 hit ‘Full Extreme’ and ‘Welcome to the Carnival’ featuring Kerwin Du Bois.
Soca Spree is also used as a platform to highlight new soca artistes coming out of Tobago. This year featured first time artiste Rauf Celestine who has been building momentum on the soca scene with his 2017 release ‘Ragz’, which was written by Celestine himself and produced by DNyce Music. “Just being accepted into the cast was exhilarating. I couldn’t believe it, especially because it’s my first year. Being around the seasoned artistes gave me the opportunity to garner advice from them about my performance. This will help with future performances and I will definitely be coming a lot stronger in 2018,” said Celestine.

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