Sun Tixx Caribbean changes the ticketing game in the Region

Jean-Marc Aimey; CEO of Sun Tixx Caribbean, gives us an inside look into one of the Caribbean’s leading ticketing services. Find out how this local business was able to expand regionally and gain the distinction of being a finalist for the Business Technology Award, sponsored by bmobile, at this year’s Champions of Business.

What prompted the birth Sun Tixx Caribbean?

Sun Tixx Caribbean Limited is a ticketing enterprise, that I founded with my business partner Jason Cox, and our Colombian partner Alejandro Trujillo in 2011. Prior to starting this business, I had an active career in events management. Through this experience, I found that a gap in the market existed where ticket sales were being inefficiently managed and I wanted to find a solution.

Tell us a bit more about the service you provide…

Sun Tixx Caribbean provides convenient and secure ticketing services with the friendly warmth and hospitality for which the Caribbean islands are known. Whether you’re a patron looking to purchase the hottest ticket or an organizer in search of the best ticketing solution, Sun Tixx Caribbean is the premier choice. We provide the most secure ticketing and access control technology across a wide range of categories including:

  • Concerts & Parties
  • Sport Events
  • Arts & Theatre
  • Family Attractions
  • Conferences & Expositions
  • Cinemas
  • Travel Packages

What sets Sun Tixx apart?

While Jason manages programming, I manage the day to day operations of the business. Together, we developed and launched a proprietary technology platform and was able to position ourselves to be highly competitive, firstly in the Colombian market in 2012 and in the Caribbean thereafter.

We partner with multiple companies who distribute tickets at their establishments, after they are purchased from our platform making it easier for, event patrons to collect tickets and also making it easier for the event hosts, to collect payments. The technology allows for real time tracking of tickets purchases, so that event hosts can track sales and plan for guests, more efficiently.

 Where does Sun Tixx operate now and What’s the next step?

Today Sun Tixx has expanded into St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Grenada and Barbados. By 2016 the company launched its mobile app and point of sale services at over 900 retail outlet locations in Trinidad and Tobago – making it the largest ticket distribution network provider in the Caribbean. The company continues to expand its operations and services across the region in 2018.


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