UWTT Hurricane Relief 2017: Update

Why give?

As we respond to the request from our Caribbean brothers and sisters, reeling from multiple hurricane devastation, we acknowledge that their need are both short term and long term; as such we should pace ourselves.  United Way T&T (UWTT) recognizes we all want to do something so there are many initiatives in play.  We encourage giving a financial contribution as the most effective means to help in such a complex and challenging situation.

How to give?

bMobile customer can donate by texting “Help” to 6683 for a $5 donation.


What are we doing with the Fund?

  • We are working with local partners, particularly our manufacturers, to purchase needed items at best prices and finding the most cost efficient way to get these items to the families most affected


  • We have already mobilized about $80,000 buying goods at cost prices and manufacturers have also covered transport costs and some have matched – we estimate that your funding through UWTT has yielded just over $195,000 in value directly to beneficiaries (about 145% increase in value by working collectively and to scale).


Our Shipping Partners

  • Our Partnership with FEEL (Foundation for the Enrichment and Enhancement of Life)
    • The Office of Disaster Preparedness Management (ODPM) has activated FEEL as part of the Regional response with the Caribbean Disaster and Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA)
    • FEEL is coordinating collection of items and preparing for shipping as requested by the countries (no clothes are being accepted at this time)
    • UWTT is working with FEEL to ensure 100% of your contribution goes to the beneficiaries – because ODPM covers all shipping costs to CDEMA hubs: Antigua for Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Anguilla, BVI and Jamaica for TCI and Bahamas – then CDEMA covers all costs and logistics to those hubs to our neighbours as needed.
    • UWTT is purchasing items by the case so as to ensure best prices, efficient packing of containers, expiry dates can be easily tracked of goods, businesses can match or give discounted prices so that we can sustain the giving cycle for the months to come
  • Our Partnership with Energy Chamber working with the TT Defense Force
    • Using private sector capacity to support first response by the TTDF
    • Shipments are going directly to Dominica through this partnership


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