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Jelani Shaw

Music Producer/Songwriter/Composer

From making beats on school desks to making beats in studio,
learn about the man behind some of Machel Montano’s biggest hits.

"I was raised in a house of music. My father, Theron Shaw is a jazz guitarist who is very respected in the caribbean region. My mother was the first female executive of Pan Trinbago, very integral in the broadcasting of panorama for the past 27 years… Dad played with many acts including Andre Tanker. During my childhood we would always go there after school and play the marimba, he would lift me up and I would pick up the sticks and try to play something. That was a very vivid memory."

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Sekani Solomon

Motion Graphics Designer

From dreams to reality, read about the man from Tobago whose hard work and persistence finally paid off.

"Success stems not from a state of fearlessness but the ability to persevere through fear."

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Keshorn Walcott

Javelin Thrower

From Toco Boy to National Hero, learn more about Trinidad’s very own Olympic hotshot who made his journey to a gold medal.

"There’s always going to be times when life challenges you. You just have to stick with it."

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Darren Ganga


From schoolboy cricket to West Indies XI, see how Ganga made his way to wearing the iconic maroon cap.

"Championships are won on the training grounds."

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Dwayne Hinds

MMA Fighter

From grappling to greatness, find out more about
Dwayne Hinds' incredibly powerful fighting spirit.

"My approach to any challenge is keep your chin down, eyes open and go after it."

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Colette Cyrus-Burnett

Restaurant Owner

From corporate to cookery, learn more about the Trinidadian who beat world renowned Chef Bobby Flay in a cook-off..

"If you KNOW that your idea is viable then why not bet on you! Step out, be brave, and persevere. Your job as an entrepreneur is to do the best job you can for the best reason you can, that way, no matter how hard the work gets, its okay, because its worth it."

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Jason Peru


From culinary craftsman to bubbling personality,
dive into the world of Jason Peru, host of the show Bubble With Us.

"I was such a fat boy in my teenage days. I loved food immensely to the point where I wanted to eat everything in sight. When I began to change my lifestyle I understood that food wasn't just about eating but mainly a vehicle for making myself and others happy. I wanted to share my passion with the world and let others be fascinated by my creativity and imagination for culinary arts."

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Stefan Hosein


From books to brilliance, read on to learn more about this NASA scholarship winner whose journey to California changed his life forever.

"There was no one person or event that inspired me ­ it was an amalgamation of many people and events. When I was young my parents instilled in me a drive to not only believe in myself, but also not to limit myself. As I grew up, I admired Steve Jobs with his stringent work ethic and belief in himself; I remember he said 'innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower' this was the moment I decided that I would try to be a leader for the youths of Trinidad and Tobago. When the NASA opportunity arose, I knew I had to apply to fulfil these aspirations and to develop Trinidad and Tobago in a very tangible way."

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Nolana Lynch


From Central to Commonwealth Youth Award, see why a love for the environment has led this young entrepreneur to build her own business.

"Seek God first. Steep your life in God-reality, God-initiative, God-provisions and all your concerns will be met."

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Peridot Webster


From young single mom to award winning entrepreneur, find out why 2012's Young Woman of the Year decided to start up three unique businesses.

"Pursue your passion, live in your purpose."

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Leron Graham



From Corporate employee to owner of Corporate Cutz, find out how the man from Laventille used his gifts to build a business he's passionate about.

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Nicole Fisher


From the studio to the mas camp, learn how this woman’s creativity led her to become a radio presenter and start two unique businesses.

"Passion, purpose then profits."

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Richard James


From selling lottery tickets on afternoons to becoming an 'Idea2Innovation' champion, learn how this man used his love for the environment to conceptualize a machine that can change the world.