WiPay removes financial barriers for online payment in the C’bean

Meet Aldwyn Wayne, CEO of WiPay; an online payment platform that has effectively capitalized on the Caribbean’s prepaid culture and need for greater financial inclusion, to gain the distinction of being top of its class in the region. WiPay  is one of three finalists for the Business Technology Award, sponsored by bmobile, at this year’s Champions of Business. Keep reading to find out more about this contender…

What prompted you to start WiPay?

I Founded WiPay in 2016 because of the unprecedented level of financial exclusion that unbanked persons in the Caribbean face.  I wanted to help Caribbean people and SMEs so that they can have easy access to transactions in order for their businesses to prosper and be able to conduct regional and international business easier.

WiPay is now the number one online payment platform in the Caribbean; empowering business to accept and make payments online using all forms of payment – Credit Card, Cash Vouchers and via their Bank Accounts.

 How does WiPay work?

Anyone can purchase a WiPay Top Up Voucher at easily accessible locations. For instance, in Trinidad and Tobago, users can top up at any of NLCB’s 1,100 locations or Massy Stores and in Guyana users can top up at any Grace Kennedy location. Our strategic alliances with distributors for top ups are growing exponentially every day, so that WiPay can be made available to anyone, at any place, at anytime.

What makes WiPay successful?

In the Caribbean, there is a strong pre paid culture and at WiPay, we were the first to understand this well, and create a service that met our customers’ needs. WiPay designed its digital cash service around this top up culture and that is one of the main reasons why we have been able to achieve success today.

We can adapt our service to almost any client. For instance one of our major clients is the Judiciary of Trinidad and Tobago. We were able to help them collect payments faster and easier to better manage their cash inflow valuing upwards of $200 Million a year.

WiPay has removed a significant barrier for online payments and has created a groundswell of interest for e –commerce and e-government services that require quick processing and easy accessibility.

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